Hire a Local Carpenter in Huntsville, AL

Hire a Local Carpenter in Huntsville, AL

Depend on us to fix your home's trim and carpentry features

If your home's trim work leaves a lot to be desired, a local carpenter in Huntsville, Alabama can help. Jeffries Custom Painting can install or repair crown molding, chair rails, baseboards and a wide range of other trim work.

Call 256-763-1879 now to make an appointment with your local carpenter.

3 awful ways to deal with wallpaper

When people say they hate wallpaper, they don't mean they hate the attractive designs. What they really hate is installing it and-worse-removing it. Most people try...

  1. Scraping it off: This takes ages and leaves your entire upper body sore.
  2. Spraying it down: A popular DIY solution is saturating your walls and hoping the wallpaper peels off.
  3. Painting over it: When all else fails, there's always the easy (but ugly) option of painting over wallpaper.

The best solution? Let Jeffries Custom Painting handle everything. Experienced wallpaper hangers have the tools and tricks needed to get wallpaper off quickly and easily.

Don't waste your weekends removing wallpaper. Contact Huntsville, AL's professional wallpaper hangers today.